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NEW RELEASE - May 2021 

• Double CD set on RedZen Records:



The Last Baha'i Session
Jorge Sylvester - Alto Saxophone, Improvisations, Sketches
Nora McCarthy - Voice, Improvisations, Poetry
Vincent Chansey - French Horn, Improvisations
Jose' Davila - Tuba, Improvisations
Kuba Cichocki - Piano, Improvisations
Marvin Sewell - Electric Guitar, Improvisations
Waldron Mahadi Ricks - Trumpet, Improvisations
Tony Moreno - Drums, Improvisations   
   A Live Performance for the Jazz Tuesdays Series
at The Baha'i Center, NYC, on March 3, 2020 
Dedicated with Loving Gratitude To My Father, Mr. GEORGE H. SYLVESTER, who Gave Me The Gift Of Music 

• March 2013
Spirit Driven, double CD set on foUR (friends of UNSEEN RAIN)Records ~

Jorge Sylvester ACE Collective:

Jorge Sylvester - Leader, Alto Saxophone, Compositions; Nora McCarthy – Voice, poetry;
Waldron Mahdi Ricks— Trumpet;  Pablo Vergara - Piano; Donald Nicks - Electric 5 string Bass guitar

Kenny Grohowski —Drums, percussion.

This CD is a continuation of the ACE Trio CD "In the Ear of the Beholder" An exploration from within of the Afro
Caribbean Rhythms as a rhythmic and melodic vehicle to create new forms of extended compositions using the

Voice, the Trumpet and the Piano as 3 independent textures to the ACE Trio.

Spirit Driven is a highly rhythmic and spiritually motivated compositional journey through the various cultures
that make up the Caribbean Islands encompassing their significance and contribution to the present day advanced
musical concepts in jazz and avant-garde/free music. The music is original, modern, imaginative and experimental.

The use of language, “word,” in the form of poetry and lyrics is  throughout and used to convey each song’s

spiritual and historical message.

The CD includes a composition dedicated to Haiti.


• In the language of dreams - a tribute to Ornette Coleman and Wassily Kandinsky with
A Small Dream In Red, minimalist innovative voice and saxophone duo, Nora McCarthy—voice, Bodhran;
Jorge Sylvester—alto saxophone. ) (
A powerfully artistic CD comprised of original compositions, poetry and improvisation as well interpretations of
five of Kandinsky's masterpieces graphically and spontaneously composed in the moment. There are also several
covers of choice music which includes two Ornette Coleman compositions with lyrics written by McCarthy.
The duo employs various techniques they discovered working in this format as well as other techniques employed
by all art forms. Deconstruction, diminution, expansion, elaboration, symbolism, line and design among others.
Intuitive and symbiotic, the two altos enter into each work with absolute freedom from preconception and create
within and outside the form the textural content of each piece



• May, 2011, Toward The Hill of Joy, with trombonist, composer George Brandon's Blue Unity Ensemble featuring

Nora McCarthy.


New Double CD released on Sylvester’s label Lizoka Music:


Following the Line/ Live in New York City  is the documentation of his 1999 quartet featuring Monte Croft on
vibraphone, Jeff Carney on bass, Terreon Gully on drums, and a special appearance by pianist James Hurt on the

Bud Powell composition Willow Grove.


• 2008 release Waldron Ricks with trumpeter, composer Waldron Ricks, Danny Grissett, Jaleel Shaw, Nashiet Waits

and Vicente Archer, featuring Jorge’s Quintet version of his composition “Playground.”


• The quartet Asymmetry with pianist, Lucian Ban, Sylvester recorded a CD for Jazzaway records which was

released in December, 2005 entitled “Playground” which is also the name of the title track a composition written
by Sylvester.


• In The Ear of the Beholder, 2001 (Billboard’s Spotlight, Feb. 2001) Jazz Magnet Records, features: Donald Nicks

on electric bass and Bobby Sanabria on drums and is Sylvester’s second release as a leader.

• Critically acclaimed MusiCollage (Postcards, 1996, re-released on Arkadia Records) featured Claudio Roditi -

trumpet, Marvin Sewell – guitar, Monte Croft – vibraphone – Gene Jackson – drums, Santi Debriano – acoustic bass

and Bobby Sanabria – percussion. It received a **** rating from Downbeat Magazine and won a Billboard Critics’

Choice award).

• In 1999 Jorge Sylvester appeared on BET Jazz “Live from the Knitting Factory,” with his group, The ACE Trio.




• Magic Night (Jazz Stop Records, Madrid Spain, 1989) with the Chastang/Sylvester Sextet.
• Viriato Blue (Jazz Stop Records, Madrid Spain, 1983.)
• The Mass (Palmetto Records, 2000) with the Collective Identity Saxophone Quartet featuring Sam Newsome,

Aaron Stewart and Alex Harding.
• Another Side (CIMP Records, 2000) with tenor saxophone Ken Simon Quartet featuring drummer Barry Altschul.
• The Blue Oneness of Dreams (Mouth Almighty Records, 1997) with Poet Sekou Sundiata.
• The Essence All Stars :

featuring Doug Carn, Idris Muhammed and Josh Roseman (Hip Hop Records, 1997.)






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George Brandon Toward The Hill Of Joy
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