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Jazz interview with jazz saxophonist Jorge Sylvester. 

An interview by email in writing. 


First let’s start with where you grew up, and what got you interested in music?

Jorge Sylvester:

I grew up in the country of Panama, on the Atlantic side, in the City of Colon, Republic of Panama. Colon is considered the First City. My first exposure, and introduction to music was at 7 years old, in Elementary School, when in my home town, the City of Colon, I was selected to participate, in the creation of the very first Music Band ever in that school, and city. My interest in music was almost accidental, because before I was selected, they had asked to all the students to raised their hand if they will like to be part of that school band, and at that point I did raised my hand without knowing what was going to be the outcome…Did I was going to like it or not?… It was a process that involved a lot of studying for a long questioner of music theory, and you had to study, and therefore past the test, before been selected. Consequently I did pass this test with very high points, because during the time I was studying for that test, I did realized how much I was likening, and enjoying all of the information about Music Theory. From that moment on, I new music was my calling.....

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